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Documentary Debut: Promo Clip

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Documentary Debut!: Promo Clip

 For those of you super nice people emailing, etc. wondering why the content has dropped off and not been consistent, Documentary Filmmaking has become the new focus of my work recently and the following is the result of this article - “Groundbreaking Canadian GuitarMaker Strikes Chord Internationally” , on first time luthier Pete Swanson which I successfully pitched as a source story/premise for a Short Documentary on the subject, entitled String of Genius’. (The story also appeared in different forms in print and online media, including Dynasty Communication’s ‘Pulse Magazine’ (cover story), and Quebecor Publications).

Months later and a fantastic crew (more info next post), and an (i think) wonderful short piece emerged, which will debut at Sheridan Technical Insititute, in Oakville, Ontario, on Wed, Dec.16, 2009 -  alongside approximately 8 other fantastic short Documentaries (5-8 minutes).

For now, here is the sample footage/promo piece put together by our Camera/Director of Photography. The music is supplied by Sigur Ros alum Jonsi and Alex from ‘the Riceboy Sleeps’ release (info: “Iceland’s Jon Thor Birgisson (the ethereal-voiced lead singer and frontman of Sigur Rós) and his boyfriend Alex Somers (a member of the band Parachutes and the designer of much of the graphic contact for Sigur Rós albums)” source: )

This should also explain why so many people thought Brian Eno’s music was the backing track!

Enjoy!, and tommorrow I will post the rest of the crew/logistical information. In the meantime, I am working on my second, longer Documentary, in Development, on War Resisters in Canada, working title: ‘A.W.O.L.’ More to come on that soon including an informational website.

The completed Documentary will NOT appear on youtube, etc. as it would jeopardize efforts for Film Festivals and Screenings, etc. For those in the media interested in review versions, interviews behind the story, etc., or potential screeners, organizers, et al, please email me as usual. (Do take a minute or 2 to rate the sample footage on though!)

Production Stills taken can be viewed here: and other great photos will be linked to Sunday’s post  - freaturing photos from Josh Tenn-Yuk, our Cam/DOP master shooter.

And of course, visit !


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